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The Values and Beliefs that Underpin my Supervision Practice:


As a qualified Creative Supervisor, I offer a safe space to help you reflect on your work with clients. I aim to develop a collaborative working relationship with you so you feel safe enough to openly explore any thoughts, feelings, and experiences about your work, without judgement. 

What is Creative Supervision?


When we refer to creative supervision, we are not talking about artistic talent. Creative supervision includes the use of creative approaches, utilising a variety of theoretical frameworks. The aim is to support supervisees in fully exploring & finding solutions to dilemmas in client work. 

There are two aspects of creative supervision: the first one is the techniques used by the supervisor and the second is the resources or materials that can be utilised. Examples of resources are sandtrays; images; drawing materials, stones, symbols; music & letter writing. These two aspects are balanced between the structure necessary for safety and confidentiality, and the freedom & enthusiasm that creativity & play can bring. Through the process of working together, new perspectives are opened up for the supervisee. 

Creativity can provide quick and powerful insights into clinical work that can circumnavigate our use of words. Creative Supervision is effective when working with any age of client and across all modalities. 

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My aim as a supervisor is to help you to gain in ethical competence, confidence, compassion and creativity to give your best possible service to clients, and to reflect on all aspects of your clinical work.  My key values as a supervisor are collaboration, support, growth, diversity, creativity and humour and I work within the BACP ethical framework.

I have experience supervising therapists in private practice, therapists working for various organisations, charities, those offering counselling services in schools and trainee therapists. If you are a practicing therapist, mental health professional or other professional who works with people involving emotionally challenging relational dynamics such as Social Workers or Teachers and wish to discuss your supervision with me, please contact me for further details or to discuss your individual needs.

I can offer supervision across the UK online as well as in person on the Isle of Wight.

Supervision fees:

Individuals - £60 per hour. £82.50 per 1.5 hours. 

Organisations: Please enquire

Integrative Sandplay Therapy students  - £70 per hour (some concessions available)

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